What if property management software was customized to your processes – not the other way around?

With today's web technologies, property managers are able to streamline day-to-day tasks, provide new services to tenants, and manage all their important data with a single platform. An online system can result in decreased costs through saved time and better process management, as well as increased revenues from new services and better tenant management.

In order for a property manager to fully realize the benefits of an online system, the system must take into account their unique needs and requirements and be based on their specific operational and profit goals.

What Sets SparkMatrix Apart: Our Unique Process

SparkMatrix believes that we need to understand your challenges, from your perspective, before we can offer you a solution. The first part of our solution is an Assessment: we come to you and work with you, learning your processes, people, and buildings. Once problems and issues have been outlined, we make detailed recommendations about how a custom online solution can improve your day-to-day workflow and efficiency.

The keys to this process are that it's organic -- meaning that we form a collaborative relationship with you -- and that it leads to a customized solution tailored to your situation.

Our process leads us to recommend customized versions of BAMBOO™ and MATRIX, our solutions for streamlining operations and offering new services.

Decreased Costs with Streamlined Operations

BAMBOO™ is SparkMatrix's solution for optimizing your daily workflow. It is a customizable, web-based centralized management platform that securely stores all of your important information online, integrating with your existing systems (e.g. accounting software), and allowing your tenants and potential tenants to interact with you over the Internet.

Learn more about BAMBOO™ and how it can remove the frustration out of your property management duties.

Increased Revenues with New Services and Better Control
is SparkMatrix's solution for offering Internet and other value-adding services to your tenants. Imagine if your tenants had Internet access bundled with their rent, available on the day they moved in and at competitive rates. Such a service would be fully supported by SparkMatrix, while the new revenue streams would go directly to your pocket. Best of all, tenants can then benefit from the simplicity of paying for their services on one bill.

Learn more about MATRIX and if it’s a good fit your properties.