Provide your tenants with Internet access, adding a significant new revenue stream with very little additional workload.

MATRIX: Generating New Revenue Streams
The SparkMatrix MATRIX solution allows property managers and owners to offer Internet access (and other Internet-based services [e.g. Voice-over-IP phone service]) to tenants at a competitive price, bundled with their rent payment.

Adding value to tenants and bringing in new, stable revenues
From the tenant’s perspective, the simplicity of paying for their rent and Internet service on one bill is attractive. And they can be online on the same day they move in – no waiting for the phone or cable company to set them up. Tenants appreciate – and will pay extra for – the convenience and simplicity of having everything bundled together.

From the property owner’s perspective, the ability to provide Internet services at a competitive rate means that they can expand the breadth of their service offering, ultimately generating more revenue and building their property’s image as a place that takes good care of its tenants. Offering Internet service to tenants is also a differentiator that can help your properties stand out among competitors.

Tailored by an Assessment
Like all of SparkMatrix’s solution, MATRIX is tailored to your unique requirements based on an initial on-site Assessment. The full range of MATRIX services is only appropriate under certain conditions; we determine what mix of MATRIX services is economically appropriate for your properties, and then customize the platform to work with your existing processes.

Tenants call us when there’s a problem - we handle the support.
MATRIX includes 24/7 support for your tenants’ Internet connections, offered by SparkMatrix’s Waterloo-based support team. If there’s ever a problem with a tenant’s connection, they call us – not you – and we solve the problem. Let us handle any installation problems, connection issues, or any other situations – we’re the system builders, after all, and have the appropriate expertise to help them.

We provide you with monthly updates concerning any issues that we resolve so that you are always aware of your tenants’ experiences.

Painlessly offer new services to your tenants
The MATRIX solution is a ‘turn-key’ solution, meaning that we provide you with the tools and processes to be successful – all you have to do is turn the key and go. You don’t need to learn any technical details to offer the service, or troubleshoot connections, or deal with disgruntled tenants, etc. – we take care of all of that.

To learn more about MATRIX or for pricing info, please contact us here.